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Is your computer slow opening and saving files? Does the information super-highway seem to be in a traffic jam? If so, there is a quick solution. Microsoft Windows XP Professional can increase the speed of many of your slow internet connections and even provide super fast digital home networking right from your desktop. Even for the computer amateur, installing MS Windows XP Professional is as easy as talking about it.

The first thing that you will need to obtain is a copy of Windows XP Pro. You can easily obtain this from your local computer store, or borrow a copy from a friend. Next, you will need to check to see if your computer system is compatible with MS Windows XP Professional. You will need to make sure that your system has enough random access memory, or RAM, and be sure that your hard drive is large enough to hold the MS Windows XP Professional files with enough room left to save your own files.

Another thing to check before going ahead and installing MS Windows XP Professional is the speed of your processor. It should be running at a minimum of 800 MHz. One processor that I prefer is the AMD-K7 processor. Your system will also need to have an installed CD-ROM drive and an available floppy drive. Now you are ready to begin the installation.

The first step in installing MS Windows XP Professional is to insert the compact disk into you CD-ROM drive. Most systems will automatically run the installation program once the compact disk is inserted, but if your system doesn't, you will need to turn your computer off with the disk inserted, and turn it back on. This will automatically run the installation program. During the installation, the program will ask you if you...