Windows XP Operating System

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No one ever knew that the project code named "Whistler" would become the backbone of Microsoft today. Windows XP has become quite literally the most exciting product to come since Windows 95 because XP has offered the improvement that its predecessors could only imagine. This operating system (OS) brought a whole new experience to the user and put the power for a novice user at their fingertips.

XP is really about a user having multiple choices on deciding which applications to run for a specific task such as an e-mail program. A user has the option of using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or more options to run for web browsing and email. The OS doesn't force a user on what to run to accomplish a task but gives the user choices of how to achieve what they want done. XP is really based off of the experience. Its design has enabled a new generation of an end to end experience that has made using a PC much easier and enjoyable.

The experience is not just a command line but allowing the user to dip into digital photography, video, music, the internet world, real-time communication and others.

Three main editions of XP have been released: Home Edition, Professional, and 64 bit edition. The Home and Professional editions are fairly similar 32-bit OS. These editions both feature the basic abilities for the user. As the title states the Home edition is for the PC at home and the Professional version is more targeted at business environments and advances users. The 64 bit OS was designed to run on Intel Itanium family of microprocessors in the native IA-64 mode. The primary advantage of moving to a 64-bit OS is the increase in random access memory (RAM). Having this type of OS are...