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Connor Valencia

Prof. Shannon

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7 October 2014

Days of Wine and Roses

Days of Wine and Roses was a movie about two adults who fall in love and fall on a road of alcoholism together and show us the struggle of what alcohol can do to a person. At the start of the movie we meet a man named Joe Clay who works in public relations and he meets a secretary named Kirsten Arnesen. At first we learn that Kirsten is not a drinker and doesn't drink at all. Joe is the opposite and likes to social drink. Joe then introduces Kirsten to a chocolate flavor drink and Kirsten enjoys it more than she thought she would. At this point we can see how easily someone can enjoy alcohol. Even a person who doesn't drink a drop of alcohol can enjoy it because in her words the drink, "made me feel good", and who doesn't like to feel good.

As they start to get older they start to drink more and more as a couple and it begins to become a problem. Joe starts to slack off at work and is demoted after a while. This is because of the effects of alcohol and it doesn't let Joe function correctly. They then decide to get help but Joe ends up drinking again which caused him to rip up his father-in-laws greenhouse. This act caused him to be put in a straight jacket and after a while becomes sober. At this point the Alcoholics Anonymous is working for him so he then decides to tell Kirsten about it but instead she pressures him to drink and Joe then later that night got caught trying to steal a bottle of booze from a liquor store. Jim Hungerford from...