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Objective of Report

This report aims to study the financial health and performance of Wing Tai Holdings Limited; a company listed in the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

Scope of Project

This report places paramount emphasis on a comprehensive analysis of the various financial statements of the company in order to better gauge its financial performance and health.

But for the purpose of concise reporting, this report is scoped to address the questions prescribed in Prof. Tan Teck Meng's guidelines for the project but will provide a concise overall assessment in conclusion.

A. Company Overview

A1.1 Principal Activities

Wing Tai Holdings Limited's principal activity is that of an investment holding company. The principal activities of the subsidiary companies in the Group consist of property development and investment, provision of management services, manufacture of woven labels, trading in garments, architectural products and accessories as well as restaurant operation.

A1.2 Geographical Coverage

Wing Tai Holdings Limited operates in various countries and its geographical coverage encompasses Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and the United Kingdom.

A2.1 Directors of the Company

The directors of the company are Cheng Wai Keung (Chairman and Managing Director), Edmund Cheng Wai Wing (Deputy Chairman and Deputy Managing Director), Boey Tak Hap, Cheng Man Tak, Lee Han Yang, Lee Kim Wah, Loh Soo Eng, Ne Chen Duen and Phua Bah Lee.

A2.2 Remuneration of Directors

All the nine directors are remunerated in respect of the company's remuneration band. Two directors are remunerated $500,000 and above and three directors fall within the range of $250,000 and $499,999 whereas the remaining four directors are remunerated below $250,000 per year.

Wing Tai does not disclose the company's remuneration policy and strictly guards the remuneration figures of each director.

Wing Tai does have a Share Option Scheme (2001) which replaced the Executives' Share Option...