Winners and Losers.

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In life, winners are those that are tenacious and pursue their goals, and losers are those that don't attempt to make an effort at all. What is the difference between them? People consider winners to be super intelligent and losers to be really lazy, but this may not always be the case. Though brainpower plays a minor role in determining the success of a person, it is not just this factor that determines the success or failure of a person. The winners are those who work diligently every step of the way and stay resilient even when they do not succeed. However, on the other hand, losers fall down, never to get up; they surrender before even meeting a challenge.

My dad, gifted with a photographic memory, preferred to live more idly rather than work hard for his future. Being the only son in the family, he was spoilt; all he had to do was go to school and study.

However, as a high school student, he chose to spend his life outrageously by following other students' ideals of drug use and parties. As the results, he was a drug addict and had to drop out of school immediately. Instead of choosing a better path by using his talents where he could be a well-known doctor, he squandered every chance of becoming someone great.

As for my aunt, she wasn't fortunate like my dad. She had to work and study at the same time. Based on our Vietnamese's tradition, girls don't need high education; we just only need to know how to cook and sew. So instead of being proud, my grandmother yelled at her for studying so hard; ignoring for the fact that she wanted to. Despite all the mistakes that she made during the way, she chose...