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On the superficial view, winners exhibit a sense of superiority over losers. However in the 21st century, assiduity and perseverance are the aspects that draw the line between winners and losers. In other words, winners are those who are determined to fulfil their goals in life, whilst losers are those who are apathetic and indolent. Winners remain resilient and are pliable after every failure. Losers on the other hand, fail to face their challenges and feel dejected easily.

This reminds me of two bosom friends of mine whom I got to know during my primary school life. One of them was Hong Kiat, a prodigy in language manipulation and born with high capacity. The second, Marcus, does not possess such acumen and intelligence. However, Hong Kiat is one whom believes in "breezing through life" and feels that one's intelligence is sufficient for survival. Marcus on the other extreme end, is a hard worker and is zealous with his school assessments.

Hong Kiat blatantly spent his free time mingling with friends whom he got to know at various shopping malls. Some of these so-called friends were secondary school drop-outs and some had tattoos tainted all over their arms and legs. Whenever my teachers or myself advice him to leave these friends, he simply tells us, "Well, we don't commit arson or murder, what's wrong?". Having to hear something so crude, disappoints me. However, Hong Kiat does extremely well in his school examinations, and managed to get four 'A' stars for his preliminary examinations, without inputting a decent amount of effort.

Marcus is a direct contrary to Hong Kiat. From what I know, Marcus participates in many enrichment activities held by Community Centres or other social organizations. After having taken our PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination), Marcus signed-up for a...