Winners Never Cheat, Cheaters Never Win. Or Do They?

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There has never been and will never be a serious debate over who the second greatest athlete of all time is. This is because in society second place is not good enough it represents someone who did not win and no one idolizes a loser. A loser is lost in the shuffle and will never be remembered by the average sports fan. For this and many other reasons athletes will do just about anything in their power to be considered a winner, even if that means cheating. Cheating is displayed in every sport on every level and is performed by an athlete in an attempt to gain an advantage over the competition and ultimately win. Cheating comes in many shapes and sizes and can be as harmless as changing a score card in golf to as serious as ending your life for an upper hand on the playing field.

It is quite disturbing what some athlete would do in order to be considered a winner and in “a famed survey that asked Olympians whether they would rather win a gold medal and die within 10 years or go on for the rest of their life and not win gold.

Eighty percent of those surveyed said they'd rather win the gold and die” (Drehs). This shows that a lot of Olympic athletes believe winning is the most important thing in their life and would go to great lengths to achieve it. While these Olympians only spoke of shortening their lives in hopes to achieve victory there have been a few athletes who have actually ended their lives for an opportunity to be a winner.

Performance enhancing drugs are one thing that athletes in today’s world use to gain the upper hand on the competition. It may be true that the consistent...