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Winning Teams


Author: DSM Carl Garner

DMS Level 5




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This assignment will begin with selecting a team from my workplace. I will try to concentrate on 'Team Bayswater' I will look at the attributes of the team and using such models as Lewis and Lawton, Vroom's expectancy theory and Belbin's theories before looking at Hackman and Oldham's 'Job characteristics model' I hope to show how their relevance applies. I will then observe two more teams and see what motivates them. I'll use theorists such as Maslow and Herzberg and evaluate how their theories apply. Finally, I will study those teams further and evaluate their performance against them meeting their station targets and explain fully how I believe this can be achieved.



There are 18 rostered staff members at 'Team Bayswater' as their manager I try to support them in the team's objective of achieving green scorecards.

I will start by looking at Lewis and Lawton 4 faces model

(Taken from DMS slides)

Before we look at Vroom's model it may be worth looking at how Lewis and Lawton see how the four faces of the team are vital in helping them deliver on targets. We have certain people who are able to be a middle man between management and staff. Others are very customer focused, some have less people skills but are very good at just getting the job done and I have a Union Rep in the team that is passionate about the people of Bayswater. This model is a useful way of seeing how the dynamics of a team are important towards success.

Vroom's Expectancy Model

Vroom's theory states that all effort, performance and motivation are all linked.

There are...