The "Winslow Boy" by Terrance Rattigan.

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The play "Winslow Boy", written by Terrance Rattigan is based on a celebrated legal case. The play is set back before the First World War.

The way Terrance Rattigan handled this topic was quite unusual .The characters in his

play were very lively and at points in the play the author arose scenes of real drama.

At the start of the play Catherine and John are engaged. You can tell that Catherine really loves John when she replies to her mother "mother I love John in every way that a woman can love a man. And far more than he loves me." Another scene of real intense drama is when Ronnie has to talk to his dad about getting sent home from naval college for allegedly stealing a postal order for 5 shillings. He confronts his father, and is father believes that he is telling the truth. After some time Arthur decide to hire Sir Robert Morton, one of the most respected lawyers in the land.

Sir Robert decides ton take on his case after some thorough questioning. Later on in the play John's father decides to write a letter to Catherine's parents saying that if he doesn't put a stop the case he will pull the plug on their marriage. Arthur is talking about giving up the case and leaves the decision down to Catherine; Catherine knowing her marriage will come to an abrupt halt if she continues on with the case, still decides to continue on with the case for her fathers sake. The Winslow family were not the only people that were making sacrifices. Sir Robert Morton gets offered the highest position a lawyer can get, but to get it he needs to pull the plug on the Winslow Boy case. He turns down the position, and continues with the case. Even though they all made sacrifices, it worked out in the long run, two years later the case was won by Sir Robert Morton.

The way that Terrance Rattigan handles the play is unusual. For instance, In the movie there is some scenes set in the House Of Parliament, but in the book he doesn't include scenes in the Houses Of Parliament. I also picked up on the way he was telling us what was happening in the court room.

The character I choose to write about was Catherine as she is a very interesting character to read about. I think she is ahead of her time, and she will stand for what she believes in. There is evidence of this as she is a suffragette which is some one who is working for the votes of women equality. Catherine is a very passionate woman who feels deeply about matters of her family. Catherine and her family are very close yet they disagree on most things.

The moment of intense drama that I have choose to write about is the interrogation scene in act 1. I think this is a scene of drama because for the first time in the play we gather information of what happened on the day of the alleged theft. Some of the questions Sir Robert gives Ronnie make him stutter and make startling admissions which makes us believe he did steal the postal order. In this scene Sir Robert pops up for the first time and confirms Catherine's first said about him.

This was a very interesting play to read and act out (when I was in). in my opinion the best part of the play is when Sir Robert is questioning Ronnie, I find this the best part as it raises great scenes of intense drama.