Winston Churchill

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Winston S. Churchill was a man that embodied leadership. In his career as a statesman Winston Churchill showed his colleagues in Parliament such ability that he would be a force to reckon with in British politics for more than fifty years. His boldness at times shunned his peers, but drew respect for his decisiveness. He was a major player in the development of the welfare state of Britain. Every branch of the British government was somehow influenced by him. As a Prime Minister, he conducted war against Nazi Germany at the peak of Hitler's power. The Great Commoner, as he became to be known in his later years, represented Britain in the most desperate times of his country's history. Although he was stubborn, uncompromising, and at times devious, Winston Churchill's rhetoric, ambition, and never say die attitude carried him through his life and rallied a nation behind him. This man was one of the great twentieth century leaders, and the whole free world should be forever grateful to him.

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was the son of the Lord and Lady Randolph. Lord Randolph was an aristocratic politician, and Lady Randolph was an heiress to a wealthy American entrepreneur. In his early years, young Winston was unruly and voluble, behavior that would be a part of his character for the rest of his life. He was sent to the Harrow school for an education. There he displayed great ability in his class work, but did not prosper in studies he wasn't fond of, like Latin. Churchill was not terribly popular with his classmates either, and in later life the same can be said of his relationship with his colleagues. Harrow is where Churchill began to develop his sense of courage. In Norman Rose's Churchill: The Unruly Giant, Rose tells a...