Wireless access in the classroom

Essay by tjnorthrup February 2005

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The long held promise of learning anytime, anywhere, any pace is now real. With the rise in the use of computers within traditional classroom many colleges and universities are turning to wireless access. With wireless access the traditional classroom is transformed into the e-classroom. The e-classroom takes the traditional classroom space and allows the students and teacher to interact using notebook computers. In this paper I will explain how the e-classroom can affect the educational process.

The e-classroom

The e-classroom allows the professor and instructor to break free from the traditional teaching methods. By using a notebook PC in the classroom, they can engage students through more interactive and progressive teaching methods. Notebooks make collaboration between students, teachers and administrators easier and more convenient. They improve productivity by allowing the student to work from any place where appropriate wireless infrastructure is set up. And they help prepare the students for the real world by improving their computer literacy and familiarizing them with the latest computing technologies.

(Buena Vista University, 2005)

The student

In today's society, most students are relying heavily on computers for class work, research, and communicating with family and friends. Computer labs can get crowded. Libraries may close when they need that last-minute resource. Dorm rooms often bring distractions. With all access, students gain immediate access and flexibility. (The Journal, 2005) This immediate access and flexibility does not eliminate the need for computer labs or computer lab assistants. The computer lab spaces will still need be available for students who need access to specialized software and databases that may be too expensive or complex to place on the students' notebook PC. The lab assistant will still be needed to assist the student with any questions they have about an assignment or with any...