Wireless Internet at McDonalds - Complete Marketing Plan

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Company Overview

McDonald's has built itself into the number one food service retailer in the world with over 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries; it serves over 47 million customers daily. The company's mission is to leverage the unique talents, strengths, and assets of our diversity in order to be the world's best quick-service restaurant experience (McDonald's.com, 2004). Founded in 1937 by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald, the company began as a simple food processing and assembly line at a small drive-in restaurant; business expanded slowly. Noticing an opportunity, salesman Ray Kroc negotiated a franchise deal and eventually bought the brothers out in 1967. The company has enjoyed a long run of success in its over 40 years in business but encountered a rough stretch over the past 18 months, reporting its first ever quarterly loss of $343.8m in January 2003.

McDonald's serves a menu of convenience food and drinks with separate time-specific menus for breakfast and lunch/dinner.

McDonald's and its franchisees operate each restaurant with common store layouts, menus, and standards of service, although the company maintains regional differences in menus to suit cultural tastes worldwide. In most Asian countries, for instance, its menus offer a large variety of chicken options but fewer beef sandwiches, a more appropriate match for the local diet. Aside from its flagship chain, McDonald's has opened new chains to meet different market sectors and price points. In the United Kingdom, McDonald's operates the Aroma Cafe chain of coffee houses; similar to the Starbucks chain, Aroma Cafe offers a full line of coffee drinks along with a selection of sandwiches and desserts.

Description of New Service Offering

McDonald's new service offering extends beyond the fast-food market to provide customers with high-speed wireless access to the Internet in its restaurants. The service would allow customers to...