Wireless Technology

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Executive Summary 31Introduction 41.1Purpose 41.2Scope 41.3Method 41.4Limitations 41.5Assumptions 51.6Background 52Findings 62.1Health Issues 62.2Ethical Issues 73Discussion 83.1Advantages of Wireless Technology 83.1.1Ease of Use 83.1.2Reduced Cost 93.1.3Improved Accessibility 93.1.4Time Saving 93.1.5Competitive Advantage 93.2Disadvantages of Wireless Technology 103.2.1Performance 103.2.2Wireless System are not wire free 103.2.3Connection Problems 103.2.4Security 114Conclusion 115Recommendations and Implementation 12References 14List of FiguresFigure 1: Electromagnetic Spectrum 5Figure 2: Radiation absorbed by an average head when using 6wireless telephoneFigure 3: Global Wireless Subscriber Penetration Forecast AppendicesFigure 4: Evolution of cellular networks data rates AppendicesExecutive SummaryThe purpose of this report is to investigate the introduction of wireless technology to improve communication in Monash University. Several important issues related to the development of wireless technology are studied and presented in this report.

One of the main issues directly linked to the development of wireless technology have been identified as the health concerns. The wireless industry has been blamed for the health hazards especially the sickness like brain cancer as a result from radiation.

However, there is limited scientific findings and statistics that prove health risks to wireless devices users. Nevertheless, consumers should not disregard taking precautionary measures.

Ethical issues in the world of wireless technology today are also widely debated. The main concerns of ethical issues are the breach of privacy especially for individuals and organizations. Other area raised focus on the environmental threats caused by the disposal of wireless devices and parts.

The advantages and the disadvantages of wireless technology generally, are also evaluated to complete this report. The advantages of wireless technology if being introduced to the university are the ease of use, the reduced cost, improved accessibility, time saving issue and the competitive advantage over other universities. On the other hand, the disadvantages of wireless technology include the slower performance rate when performing more complicated tasks,