Wisdom Literature - Psalm 1 (Old Testament)

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Wisdom Literature - Psalm 1

By D.W.T.

Once while driving in my car, I was approached by a man asking for donations for a church whose name I can't now remember. I dropped my donation into the KFC bucket he was holding, and the man thanked me. Excitedly, he told me "Read Psalm 1 every day and you'll be prosperous!" There is a school of thought that believes certain Psalms can read to obtain specific blessings. Some people who follow this even go so far as to sink into witchcraft thinking that certain color candles burned need to be burned having been anointed with a particular oil. I don't know if the gentleman who told me excitedly to read Psalm I was a follower of this school of thought. Well, I haven't read it every day. Could that explain why I haven't won the lottery? Actually, this Psalm is meant to be read, understood, and applied to make one prosperous.

It's the advice the Psalm contains, not simply reciting it for the sake of reciting it (a vain repetition) that is valuable. Psalm 1...it stands out like an introduction to the rest of the Psalms. This Psalm, like the 2nd Psalm, has no title, although it is sometimes referred to as "The Two Ways". . Acts 13:33 seems to indicate that Psalm 2 was actually considered the first Psalm in the days of the early church. And for that matter, if Psalm 90 were actually written by Moses as believed, then Psalm 90 was probably the first Psalm at one time in Pre-exilic Israel. The author of Psalm 1 is unknown, but it is thought to have been King David. Of course, it could be said all the Pslams contain wisdom, but the first psalm states in a few words...