Wise Investments to Reach Financial Security

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Wise investments to Reach Financial Security by: Jannie Gracelyn P. Aviles

Financial security is what all people hoped for. It isn't making or having a certain amount of money. It is also not limited to being independently wealthy. Being debt-free, able to control your expenses, able to increase your savings, and not being forced at a work you dislike are some signs that you are financially secured.

Reaching a point of financial security is a progress that takes time, effort and some sacrifices. After all the sacrifices you made, the results are worth it. On an article of Howard University entitled "Starting on the Road to Financial Security" said that reaching financial security is like building a house. You start with a foundation, you add the floors as you go on, you put on a roof, you finish the inside and then you move in.

For most people, the only way to attain financial security is to save and invest over a long period of time. You just need to have your money work for you and that's what you call investing. You become an investor when you put your money into things that can grow in value.

You can invest your money in term deposit, the safest kind of investment that most people are more likely to be engage with. This kind of investment are very appealing to conservative, low risk investors because of the fact that there is no risk of losing your money. But wait, do term deposits give you a big return from the money you invested after waiting a long period of time?

If you are a type of person that can accept a higher risk, you can invest your money in a stock market. In the financial market, stock refers to a supply of...