Wiskey Lullaby

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Currently, nearly 14 million Americans-1 in every 13 adults-abuse alcohol or are alcoholic. It is a serious and sometimes deadly problem. The song "Whiskey Lullaby" by Bard Paisely and Allison Kraus shows the hardship of losing someone to alcoholism. The song starts with a guitar picking the strings of a simple melody that has a slow sad tune. The melody pulls the listener into the deeper meaning of the song. The man starts to sing. His lonesome voice has sincerity and pain. He begins with the simile "She put him out like the burning end of a midnight cigarette." The message behind these lyrics is trying to portray the way that this man's lover left him. A midnight cigarette is usually a sign of a hard day being put to rest. In this case, the relationship is the hard day, and the woman is putting it to rest.

Those lyrics are chosen to melt the saddened tone into your ears so the listener feels the pain of the relationship ending, and how it's not just a break-up. The singer continues to state that he watched the man try to "drink his pain away." The listener starts to feel the man's pain and can somehow relate his pain to a time when they have felt pain. The song continues with the chorus stating "He put the bottle to his head and pulled the trigger." The powerful sentence makes the reader instantly think of a gun put to a person's head. The whiskey is immediately thought of as the weapon behind this man's death. The chorus introduces a female singer to the song, which shows that the man is no longer alone with his pain. He is dead. "While the angels sing a whiskey lullaby." Shows that the man has...