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Picture yourself stranded in the woods, paralyzed by the night, and faced with the physical evidence of your deepest, darkest phobias. If you have ever faced the demons of the night then you'll understand the fear of the Blair Witch Project. The film that shows the horror of the mythical Blair Witch.

In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary. A year later the footage was found. This myth started in February of 1785 and the last was found on October 16 1997. The Blair Witch project was an amazing tale about three highly dedicated students doing a documentary about the Curse of the Blair Witch. They hike out in the dark eerie woods where all the innocent victims supposably got slaughtered, and hacked up on the Coughing Rock 40 years before. The three students visit a lady who has said she has witnessed The Blair Witch with her own eyes.

She tells them about a pile of rocks, which symbolizes one person's gravestone. The lady also had stated that she was a rocket scientist and a ballerina, which kind of made them disbelieve her theories. One of the main characters named Heather has a map of the woods and she explains she knows where and what she is doing. As soon as they realize that they are going around in circles they also realize that strange phenomena is going on, then they begin to freak out and worry for the sake of their own lives. The film is based on the mind rather then the gore and violence seen in so many other horror movies, the movie is more on awareness.

Some people hated this movie and others thought it was a classic. I really enjoyed...