WitchCraft and Wicca

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In the 16th and 17th centuries, witchcraft was seen everywhere, or at least people though it was everywhere. People didn't actually find real witches, but felt it was their duty to burn someone at the stake if she or even he was believed to be a witch, be possessed by a spirit or do something unexplainable. Throughout history, witches have been hated, persecuted, tortured and even killed as many willingly point out. Many people in the Salem witch trials were believed of being witches, example of things they were accused of being witches for were:

- Cannibalism

- Un- explainable doings

- Disappearances

- Appearance (face and body)

- If a member of your family was killed for being a witch, say your mother, then all the girls in the family would be killed also.

Others people were held in the Old Salem Witch Jail while another witch was being punished, it was a filthy rat infested dungeon located close to the north river.

Not only was the place unsanitary, but also the jailers had permission when searching the women for witch marks they had to strip the women and prick and burn them. After the search the women were given robes to wear and burned at the stake or:

- Hung

- Be-headed

- Thrown into a river with heavy shackles

- Thrown off a cliff.

In 1563, Queen Elizabeth forced a Witchcraft Act on Parliament saying that any person found as a witch, in possession of a witch (lives with one and knows it) will be hung without a trial. Spells have also played a big part in witchcraft, yet, they weren't even real spells. People could be out watering their flowers and be accused of being a witch, simply because many people believe that Magic is practiced...