Witchcraft Declared In Salem

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Recently in the forest of Salem, bystander Reverend Parris spotted young girls performing some sort of ritualistic dance. When Abigail Williams, dance participant, was questioned regarding the nature of the dance, she stated, ?It was only common dancing, nothing more.? However, upon further examination, Reverend Parris admitted seeing a live creature inside the large kettle the girls were dancing around. Was this innocent dancing, or could it be proof of the rumored Salem witchcraft? Recently, local law enforcement attempted to curtail witchcraft in this community by arresting numerous local women. These arrests were based on no proof other than mere accusations. One such accused, Elizabeth Proctor, awaits possible hanging if convicted. When asked how she ended up in this situation, Mrs. Proctor said, ?Abigail Williams accused me of witchcraft by the use of dolls.? This reporter then asked Mrs. Proctor why Ms. Williams would make such claims. She had only this to say, ?Abigail wants me out of the way so she can replace me as wife of John Proctor.? When Mr. Proctor was asked for comment regarding a possible love affair with Abigail Williams, he refused to admit an intimate relationship. However, he did state, ?My wife is a good Christian woman, and I am a good Christian man. I love my wife. I regret all that has happened.? Mr. Proctor leaves us to wonder just what the source of his regret is. Could it be his wife?s imprisonment or his affair with Abigail Williams? Stay tuned. We?ll keep you informed of any future developments.