Witches I think that witch-hunts are not gone, but have

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Witches I think that witch-hunts are not gone, but have been changed. In Salem times when someone was convicted of being a witch everyone believed it and had no real chance of staying alive. But if someone today would say that they're a witch, no one would really care, because of the new styles and diversity that we have. A concentration of stories about witches existing comes from the tribes of Africa. The differences between the witches of Salem and the ones in Africa are that Salem's witches were accused for personal and political reasons, while in Africa the witches are known as healing doctors.

Africans don't really hunt down witches unless they believe that someone cursed them or if they got scared for something they couldn't explain. The whole fact is that it still is being practiced, but the reaction toward it is not as big. Motivation to hunt down people that are "supposedly" witches as decreased over time as we learn more about something called common since.

It's like the cavemen who didn't know about fire, but over time they learned not to fear it. Witchcraft was outrageous, and people were just too arrogant to see past that.

The forces behind Salem witch were not mystical or supernatural, but instead they were intentional and planned out. No one really flew or saw paranormal activity happening. Hatred toward another person for selfish reasons brought up this imaginary devil, and when it came to court the victimizer was given the bad end of the stick. I just still cannot believe the stupidity level of people back in the day. How could anyone believe that there is a invisible bird, they should of thrown a rock at the area that it was located in to see if it makes a noise.

The behavior traits explored in the crucible play a part in today's world because there is still jealousy, and stuff like that in today's modern times. I personally have friends who are gothic, but people react to the clothes that they wear and imply that they are witches or devil worshipers. The understanding from fiction and fact is easier to understand then right and wrong. People know that witches don't exist, but still need to recognize the wrong in being envious and wanting revenge on someone. Just like the affair with John and Abigail; people still do that, except most of them get divorced from their wife or husband.

I don't really have any real experience about witchcraft and stuff, but I did believe they existed…when I was like 4 years old. I think the form of calling someone a witch still is being practiced today in our everyday lives. For instance, when someone is murdered, a family member or friend is quick to point a finger and accuse someone, and sometimes the innocent is convicted for a crime they did not commit. Even in school, someone can get set up for something ridiculous. The ways people acted back then will probably never change until everyone has a full understanding of what's going on.