Witches (wiccan)

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Witches your probably thinking big green nose and flying broom rite. You are wrong a witch is a Wiccan has nothing to do with satanic we believe in 3 gods and a goddess earth fire, water, wind You probably think that all people that wear all black and chains are witches well most of them are and I am one of one of them, most of my friends are witches to The point of view of the Christians is witchcraft is evil and satanic. Another reason Wicca is shunned by the christens. is they are the complete opposites Wicca is black 3 gods and a goddesses witches believe that all natural things are ok you can feel how you want. In Christianity most of those things that come natural to a human are a sin like to covet also in Christianity everything is white.

Christians they are just afraid of what they don't understand and believe all stereotypes given by the entertainment world.

In my mind Christianity glorifies the church and tries to scare you in to taking part in their religion. I have been told by a pastor "if your are not saved you will burn in hell for all eternity" in my mind that is allot of bull s**t.

Therefore there is no write or wrong answer, witches are real and they have nothing to do with the devil.

In fact, the "devil" is mostly a thought-form projection of the "shadow" self of Bible believers. In that case, the thought-form is ready to receive enough energy from real negative spirits and then combine to do some major damage!