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Angellique Phillips

Mr. Chamberlain

Religion -2300-07B


"The Truth about Witchcraft Today"

Even though I'm not a big fan of witchcraft I do agree with some of the things in the book. In some way I do agree that everything that surrounds us has its own energy and aura, and their own unique way with connecting with certain things. Also, we all get this feeling towards a person as we are getting closer to them, it almost like love at first sight kind of a feeling. It can be any particular feeling either love, happiness, or sad. It's just a sense of feeling that everyone feel sometimes towards a person. When I meet someone for the first time I immediately have a reaction towards that particular person. So yes, this is one thing that I have to agree with witchcraft religion , because I always have a sense of feeling towards a person that I have no relation with, and normally your first judgment towards a person always turns out be true.

To me when you're looking for a religion to practice it's because you agree with it and something that you have an immediate connection. Some o the things in the book I had to disagree with, when comes to the use of spells. For me a person that doesn't agree with witchcraft, obviously not going to agree with the hold use of spells. When I was reading this book, to me it seems like people was using spells for their own personal use, than using it for spiritual use. I understand that they believe in that gods and goddess, but unfortunately there way of practice is just not my cup of tea. To me I know there is a God out there and he is always...