Without Remorse

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The mail character of this story was ex-navy Seal John Kelly. After serving two stints in the Vietnam, he returned to the US, and became a demolition expert for a local dock service. Of all the characters in all of Tom Clancy's many books, the character of John Kelly is the best described. With his character Clancy captures real human emotion when learning to love again after his wife died, and couping with the loss of his new love to a tragic murder. Clancy also showed the affects of revenge on a person, when they let it tear themselves up inside. All in all John Kelly is an awesome character, but not someone you would like to upset.

The story begins a few months after John Kelly's wife Trisha dies. As John heads to his island one day he picks up a young woman who appears to be a hitch hiker.

Little did he realize by picking this stranger up, would he completely alter the course of his life. When John explains to her that he owns a large boat and his own island she seems to jump at the chance to escape her old life. Her name is Pam and as John will discover she is trying to escape from her dangerous and abusive pimp. As they are riding to Battery Island ( John's island) a strong storm comes up and they are forced to anchor the ship for the night. They spend the night in each others arms helping each other deal with the others pain. The next morning while they are still a good ways off from the island, they spot a boat that was beached on a large sand bar. Being the courteous seaman he approached the yacht offered a tow to his...