"witnessing" a essay to "witness" to a non-Christian about "the Good news"

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Dear, _____Have you ever felt as if you're missing something in your life, and you are walking in an unknown path of darkness where nothing feels right, and you are confused and afraid? Have you ever been in emotional pain and distress, but haven't had anyone to help you cope? Would you like to have that missing portion of your life filled?There's a inner part of yourself that needs to be filled with good a light to your darkness, and a shepherd to lead your path when you're confused and afraid. When these needs aren't fulfilled, you become lost and afraid, and often take the wrong path, that leads to more pain and confusion. But these needs cannot be filled by just anyone, you need someone that is always there for you, and not only supports your physical self, but your spirit also.

His name is Jesus Christ, and only through believing in him shall you be able to have deliverance through God, and be led in a Holy path that is free of darkness, sadness, confusion, and fear.

Through Jesus, God will be be there to support you in times of emotional pain. God expressed his love to you by sacrificing his only son for your sinsFor God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." -John 3:16All God asks of you is that you have faith in him, and that His son died on the cross for your sin.

I found my own path when I was hurting, confused, and faithless. God, and my faith in Him, helped me to battle through my problems, and to give me the power to accept them and deal with them as they come...