Wolf depleation, with opposition to the frontier view.

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I have decided to oppose the frontier view. It is in my belief that individuals should not tamper with the world, killing wolves because they are slaughtering livestock. We should not attempt to re-introduce them to an area once they have been extirpated. We must also not attempt to log forests where wolves are residing, for agriculture or ranching purposes.

In Algonquin Park the government is in favor of farmer compensation for loss of livestock. This would be a huge help for farmers but this compensation is only available if the farmers introduce Non-lethal methods of livestock protection against the wolves. This protection can include electrical fencing, guard animals, (by non-herding animals) or flagging.

Indication points to the fact that livestock is more likely to be killed by coyotes than wolves. The coyote population can be kept down by increasing the wolf population as coyotes do not tend to co-exist with wolves.

Accordingly, there would not be numerous kills of livestock in areas that were highly populated with wolves as to areas with extirpated wolves. A farmer should be able to tell if it was a wolf or coyote attack by the size of their foot print. A wolf's is approximately 2 times the size of a coyote's. You should also consider the fact that many crop farmers can suffer from decreased crops if wolves are killed as wolves kill deer, and other herbivores which will eat their crops if over populated. But if the presence of wolves is perceived they will eat deer, and herbivores which will provide a healthy ecological service to the farmers at no expense to them.

There is a specific species of Wolf residing at the Algonquin Park location, The Eastern Wolf. Scientifically known as Canis lycaon. This is a wolf that derives from...