Wolf Larsen vs The Joker

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The Clown vs The Captain

There has been many debates on what a true ubermensch is and some people say that they are people that go by their own morals and value code and are sometimes seen as bad people but only due to the fact that they do not follow societies code. In fact they are really only people that do what they think is right for themselves. In the story The Sea Wolf by Jack London and The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan there are two characters Joker and Wolf Larsen who are both ubermenschs. Their views intersect because how they think about regular people that cling to their morals and values are pointless. Wolf Larson and Joker, both are evil people in their stories and they are both in a way an ubermensch because of how they interact with society's moral but there is one difference, that being Joker is more of an ubermensch than Wolf.

Joker is more of an ubermensch than Larson because Joker has a more radical way of thinking when it comes to life and death and values. Which more greatly shows his defiance for modern moral codes and values.

Wolf and Joker's viewpoints intersect because they both explain their reasoning on why the morals and social values of regular people are irrelevant and that you only need yourself to succeed. Joker is talking to Batman about why he is afraid to kill Joker. Joker tells Batman that he should not try to act like a normal person as he explains that regular people's morals are just things to abandon when things turn bad. When there are no morals or values in place all hell will break loose. Wolf is the same when he explains his reason of how stupid people's morals are.