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Okay, this is basically a story I removed earlier due to a lack of interest and the fact that I was a little disappointed with myself. It's been mentally bugging me constantly to put it back up, so here it is, my continuation to the #14 Goosebumps book: The Werewolf of Fever Swamp. Sorry for any typos you see. For those of you who saw my last attempt, I can safely say that it will be quite different.


A soft breeze whipped thorugh the crisp night air, making the lonely man shiver and pull his worker's coat tighter around himself. He stood a distance away from a small , beat-up but usable GMC pickup, it's yellow light sweeping near the deserted section of road to announce his presence to other cars. But at this hour, this far back in the woods it was unlikely that it would be need, however, he never took it off.

The clouds were caught by a light breeze and parted to reveal the moon, full and beautifully white, beaming down onto the section of forest he worked in. Matt chuckled, thinking that between this and the light on his truck he didn't need the small flashlight he carried in one hand, with the tripod under the crook of his arm. But when the howls started off in the distance, he thought that perhaps he shouldn't shut it off so quickly. Wolves, he thought to himself, must be that batch of timbers brought in last week for the nature experiment.

Matt didn't know too much about it, and doubted that he really needed to. They were experts on the animals, and he was an expert on measuring land. They probably didn't know anything about calculating the distance across a stream, just as he was...