Woman's Rights in Comparison Towards Men

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July 13, 1848 is the date every women in America should recognize and remember. It's the date the Womens rights movement began. Women in America and all over the world have fought many years to acheive equality between the sexes, to break down the barrier and prove to men that women are capable doing everything they are able to do. Mens attitudes towards women gaining their rights, prevailed them from trying to succeed in the movement. Due to the male dominance, men took control of womens lives and forced a certain role they should obey. Women then realized this and began to fight back to gain their life and rights from men. The struggles of this powerful movement symbolizes the strength and unity between women to fight for equal rights especially their voting rights. Women were once thought as incapable to do beyond the female stereotype. It has been thought that men were the main reason why women were held down.

It goes back in 1777, when a law was passed that took aways all of womens rights. Women had the right to hold property in their own name, but with their husbands permission.

Most colonies based their laws on the English common law, which was then was turned into the Blackstone Commentaries. In this document it stated, "By marriage, the husband and wife are considered one person in the law. The being and legal existence of woman is taken away during their marriage, or is given to her husband under whose wing and protection she will perform everything". Men limited the opportunities that were provided to women by forcing fear upon us. They made women feel incopetant so they would fully depend on them. It was basically a struggle for power over one another. It wasnt just in America,