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A Reason to Smile - Musarrat Misbah

"The hands that rock the beauty world"

Swaying and gliding figures in luxurious designer labels, wild revelries, where name-dropping, conversing about nocturnal exploits and messing up with the drugs is part of the game. In this synthetic world, hobnobbing with the rich and the infamous, Musarrat Misbah peers the sights change like an amused onlooker, and never actually becoming a part of it and never gelling in with the crowd. This was by her own discretion that she never wanted to become the part of the "in crowd". If there is one beautician in the country who has truly made it international, it is Musarrat Misbah. Her name has become synonymous to health and beauty in Pakistan. In fact hers is the most prestigious and trusted name amongst others in this field. Over the years she has attained the status of an icon in beauty business.

A name people can trust and revere, a name without which beauty business in Pakistan would be left incomplete. And this prestigious reputation she has earned after 25 years of sheer hard work, commitment, dedication and thorough know-how. Today if she is sitting on a high pedestal, success has not come easily to her. She has literally struggled for it.

Musarrat is Pakistan's first beauty expert who initiated the trend of professional beauty salons in the country. Prior to that, the concept of a professional salon was absent in Pakistan. There were the Chinese parlours and barbershops. Musarrat felt the need and launched this trend that ultimately became a rage with beauty parlours opening in every nook and corner of the country. She has thoroughly revolutionized the profession by introducing ultra modern trends to replace the worn out concepts of make-up and skin treatments. Today she has...