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"No Name Woman" This story is the easiest of the three to understand to me. Maxine's mother told her this story once Maxine got her period to for warn her of what could happen if she was not careful. The story affects her in that she wonders more of what her aunt was like and how she became pregnant. She is very inquisitive about the situation in the story. From the story I learned about language that using more vulgar words add a harsher feeling to the meaning like when she uses tits and ass. I really felt her not wanting the man to be that kind of man. Her attitude towards language that she uses in the book seems to be casual and a real story telling type of language. Her family and people told so many stories and it shows. I learned that the mother was very abrupt and harsh, but had good intentions.

She was a product of her environment. She acted the way she was probably treated. The mother-daughter relationship seemed to be strained because they way the mother was. Maxine did not being treated badly, so she acted "badly". The mother then just complained about her bad daughter. The mother's attitude towards this story was a brief and secret type attitude as it could only be explained in a short time and could never be told again. She had this attitude mainly because it was probably a sore topic wither husband, so she did not want him to know she had told the story. The writer's style is sort of stream of consciousness. She goes from one thought of the aunt to another with out any indication. She jumps around a lot between dreaming and reality. The structure is as I said casual, and it...