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Writing Assignment #3 It seems that everywhere you look you can't help but notice that the women on television, billboards and the covers of magazines are pretty much always thin. As far as I am concerned, this is no accident. No one is going to go out and buy a magazine with a women weighing over two hundred pounds on the cover. For someone like me who is struggling with a weight problem the pictures of these beautifully thin models with legs up to their neck are very depressing as I know that I will likely never look like that, but then again, neither will most of the population. Why is it than that even though logically we know we will never to be able to match societies ideals, we still try day after day and make yearly resolutions to lose weight and look like the women who we love to hate? It is this struggle within ourselves that the diet industry feeds on and we fall victim to.

Throughout my child and teen years my weight was never really an issue because I was always involved in some sort of physical activity which kept my weight under control. It wasn't until I finished high school and entered college that the problem began. The myth about the freshman 15 is no myth and not only did I gain 15, but an astonishing 30 pounds in less than a year!! While I knew that I had a problem I did not know how to lose it. I tried exercising but when the pounds didn't come off fast enough, I turned to alternate methods of weight loss. For a while I must have been the diet industry's best customer as I tried most of the products available. Most of them failed to...