Women and Binge drinking research paper.

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When you think of binge drinking or "bingeing" you probably think of guys in college at a keg party drinking themselves to the point of throwing up or passing out from "keg stands", and beer pong. What you probably don't think of is girls being binge drinkers, but more women are starting to binge. Recently there has been the release of "Girls Gone Wild", which generally shows what happens to women specifically those that are in college when they binge drink.

There have been many studies done on just what exactly defines binge drinking for men and women. Naturally the definition is different for men and women due to certain biological and physiological reasons, but they both have to due with the number of drinks, period of time in which they are drank, and how frequently it occurs. Henry Wechsler of the Harvard School of Public Health defines binge drinking as "drinking at least five drinks in a row for men and four drinks in a row for women on one to three or more occasions during a two week period ("Trends" 3).

Using this definition for statistic purposes "nationally 2 out of every 5 college students can be classified as binge drinkers" ("Trends" 11). Experts believe these numbers are the result of pressures to perform well in school as well as having other difficulties on college campuses. The 1999 CSA found that "binge drinking was often accompanied by educational problems" ("Trends" 2) and that, "nation wide there has been a thirty-one percent increase in female binge drinking on college campuses" (Underage" 7). Through these and other statistics you can see that there is a shift being made in binge drinking and it is no longer a male dominant thing.

You have to wonder though, if women maybe are trying...