Women And The Death Penalty

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Women and the Death Penalty The bell rings, and all are silent outside the prison walls. The anxious crowd lets out a sigh of relief when they think murder William Kemmler is dead. This is a very important day in the history of capital punishment. William Kemmler is to be the first put to death by means of electrocution. No one has ever been put to death by electrocution, and Kemmler is more than happy to make sure his experimental death goes well. But just the opposite happens. The electricity is turned on, his body convulses, and he is pronounced dead. After turning off the electricity an onlooker notices Kemmlers' chest rising and falling, he is still alive. After turning on the electricity for another four minutes, he is finally dead. Some say capital punishment is inhumane. Who has the right to take another persons life? Who deserves to die? Rapist? Murderers? All criminals? Just men? What are the reasons for someone's life to be taken? Capital punishment is a very controversial topic.

Some people have strong feelings on the different methods used. Others believe only certain people should be put on death. Although capital punishment is popular with some, it isn't used everywhere.

Capital punishment is the lawful taking of a person's life after conviction for a crime. (Flanders 3) No one knows whether capital punishment is right or wrong. It is a very controversial subject. There are many issues having to deal with this, both politically and ethically. Over hundreds of years of debate, and still no conclusions have been drawn. I can only guess that it will continue to be debated upon for years to come, only because there is always going to be a disagreement on whether it is right or wrong. Many people base their...