Women and discrimination in the workplace

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As we are all human beings, we may share the same feelings, the same ideas, the same emotions, the same beliefs, the same culture, religion, country, ambitions and many other things that can't be counted. On the other hand, because we are human beings we may not have the same inclinations and we may differ because we can't be only one sample or otherwise there will not be any interesting thing in our world and no one will run on a business because we will all use the same clothes, televisions, homes, and cars. We are all different may be in one thing or the other but we are not the same although we may have something in common. May be our inclinations and way of thinking is something in our control. We may change our personality and ideas at any time, may be because the society around us pushes us to do that or for any other reason but when it comes to consider something that is not in your control or power you cant do anything to change it.

If you are born a man, you are going to live the rest of your life as a man and the same is if you are a white or black women. The same if you are born in Egypt, Yugoslavia, France, Pakistan, or America. You cannot change your origins. You cannot change these things because they are facts and facts cant changed. And because it is not the fault of anyone if u have a certain past or origin so it should not affect on me and we should ever think that we have something less than others and we should either prove ourselves and our skills and get adapted with our origins.

For soreness, there still exist people...