Women and the Media: Body Image

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Everyday in the media women are shown the ideal body type and if you can achieve this ideal body type then you will be sexually attractive. Women believe the image they see is the norm when actually the women in the magazines have been airbrushed, women on TV are younger than the characters they portray, and all these women have teams of make up and hair stylists that could make any of us look fabulous. I have many beautiful friends that consistently worry about their hair, weight, make up, and other body issues. Rarely in the media are women heralded for their intelligence, sense of humor, or other valuable personality traits.

Some of the controls these ideals have over women are the things I mentioned above about never being satisfied with who you are. Women are pushed to buy make up, wrinkle creams, fat burning pills, exercise tapes, low carb foods, and so many other products so we can look like we are ?supposed? to.

I know that in some cases women who don?t feel they look good enough will not go for jobs they want or have enough faith in themselves so they don?t try. I feel this way sometimes, because I am overweight I don?t do things I feel like I would do if I was thinner. Society has shown me that I should be ashamed of my weight and so at times I am. The women?s magazines help perpetuate this idea that you must be gorgeous and thin to be successful. Every picture and ad tells you this even if they don?t print the exact it words. Some magazines herald themselves as empowering women when they really are just helping society control them through the images. No one really looks like that. In a magazine for women...