Women and men' preferences in choosing movies

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When I started my project to build an intelligent agent to help users to choose movie, I spent days and days in the library searching for the articles, essays discussing audience's preferences. Hopelessly I couldn't find one. Too tired of searching, too desperated of finding one, I finally decided to write one myself based on my observations and knowledge in movies. It is of course far from what can be compared to the professional writers. However, it expressed my ideas toward the differences between men and women while choosing movies. It also helped to amuse my classmates in the writing class.

Women and men are biologically and spiritually different from each other. Men are more stable while women are more sensitive. Men are stronger while women are sweeter. Men excel themselves in natural sciences while women are the major in social sciences. They are various in the way they work, in the foods they eat and in the movies they prefer to watch.

Even though there are some common ideas about the greatest movies of all time, generally women' tastes toward genres, story and soundtrack of a movie are much diverse from men.

Women prefer romance movies while men are into action, and adventure films. Women like the passion, the emotion and the affection that the romance movies convey while men feel stronger, more energetic after seeing action movies. Men are always eager to discover new and wild experiences which happen to be the central topics of adventure movies. They also want to show that they are brave, strong and heroic as the main characters in every action films. That is why they naturally find action and adventure movies appealing. On the other hand, love stories about the love at the first sight, long-distance love, forbidden love often draw much...