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Throughout the ages the roles of women are always changing, and due to this the body image of women is also constantly evolving. Some ages and cultures view the role of a woman as the child bearer and there it was ok for her to be voluptuous and plump. In fact that was the norm during that time period. Others look to all aspects of home-life and treat women as child bearer, cook, and maid then she should be thin, but strong. As the times change a modern picture of women is becoming almost equal to men; we see women in the work force, women with cell phones, cars, and responsibilities greater than simply raising children, and also becoming thinner and thinner. However, there are still those women who believe that children are their sole purpose on this earth, and they don't seem to worry as much with their weight (at least some of them don't).

As these roles change so do the appearances women are supposed to fit into obviously right along with them, and the media plays a big role in these appearances and body images that are held for women, but internalization by women is one of the largest problems associated with the body images of women. If women were able to quit internalizing what they see and are told over and over again there wouldn't be such an issue with body image. However, since they are unable to quit internalizing the bad body images given and shown to them, they need to be taught new ways to get around the bad body images and have better body images of themselves.

Jennifer Robertson a woman who is 29 years old, a manager at a recreation center, and very healthy spends every afternoon working out so that she...