Women in the British Industrial Revolution

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During the industrial revolution women's roles changed drastically. Instead of staying at home weaving or looking after the children, women had to leave the house to go work in factories and mines. They would have to leave everything they had to do at home to go and work. Because of the separation of tasks according to gender and the cultural expectation of women meant that women were worse off than men during the industrial revolution.

During the industrial revolution women's jobs were changed and changed again. If at one point they worked in a bakery or in a different king of store, their job was soon taken over by men. Men were known as better "business men" and could there for cope better in a shop and become more successful. After this women then went back to working in the home if they were not already doing so. They did not stay there for long.

Whilst the women were working from home, being a "normal" house wife and looking after the children, men soon began to complain that women are not doing "proper" work unless they get paid for it. This caused the women to leave the house to go and work in factories, mines and other places where work seemed like cheap labor.

Now women seemed to be in a trap. No matter what they did, they either got mistreated, abused of both. They stay at home and don't get paid, they get told off for doing so, because the men don't like it. They go and work in factories, and men mistreat them. The working conditions in the factories were life threatening. They could have received a life threatening injury on a machine or received a lung infection from the bad air in the mines. Anything could...