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Canada: Women and Their Role in Society

There are many things that women have done in our history that have changed

everything about our lives. They have provided things like historical milestones, gender

roles, clothing/beauty, and much more. When it comes to the women in Canada, they

represent their country well and are really respected by the men. As I will talk about,

they have played a major role in the history of Canada including sports, political

representation, and education.

One thing that women have done for Canada would be historical milestones. For

example, in 1912, Manitoba was the first province to grant women the right to vote and

hold office. This is important because women got the right to vote in Canada before they

got the right to vote in the United States. Another important date, would be in 1883, the

Canadian Women's Suffrage Association was born. This is important because if this

association was not created, women would have been mistreated throughout history all

the way through today.

Canada, throughout history has produced some very famous women. Even

though there is way too many to talk about, I will talk about a couple. One women who

played a big role is Jeanne Mance. She was put on the second Canadian stamp. If you

are put on one of the stamps, you were considered to be really popular in Canada.

Another famous women is Florence Wyle. She was the first women in Canadian history

to become a member in the Royal Canadian Group of Painters. My last person is Nancy

Greene, she won Canada's first olympic medal in the giant slalom. This was important

Joe McGinn Mundy Genders Game 10-12-12

because Canada went on to be dominant in slalom so she pretty much...