A women who is dealing with suicidals thoughts and how an 'angel' rescues her.

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I carried my heavy feet up the damp cement stairs. Everything was happening too soon. I pictured my little boy... sitting by the window... watching... waiting for his mother to walk through the rusty door. I squeezed my eyes tightly, trying not to think about it. Hot, salty tears stained my discolored face. With the little breath I had left, I pushed my lifeless body up the last flight of stairs.

Pushing the heavy door open, I found myself on top of an apartment building. A warm gust of air flattened my ratty, dirty-blonde hair and the stringy curls against my scared expression as the wind whispered words unknown.

Now my tears were freely making their way down my long swollen face. I could taste the salty tears on my sealed lips. I peered over the big drop that made the sky endless. A slight shiver covered my body.

I bent over and took of my heels. My grubby feet burned on the hot top, and I raised my feet up to the wall. I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Slowly, I turned around and found myself facing a ledge. I found myself staring into the most gorgeous, loving, deep blue eyes. "Don't cry... he needs you." I knew right off that he was talking about my little boy. He was probably still sitting on the stained window seat all alone. I wanted to pull away, but the eyes held me so lovingly that I couldn't move. I reached y dirty hand and while shaking, I touched the soft curls, which surrounded a golden face. From out of his rosy lips, he told me not to be frightened, and I wasn't! "I am here to help you," his light heavenly voice replied to the question that...