The Women in the Decameron

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In the Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio, women are portrayed as both aggressive and strong, as well as week and submissive. Giovanni Boccaccio was a man born in the wrong era since most writers were portraying women as objects for men and the women were almost always conniving. Boccaccio gave the women in his story a brain and showed that women can be just as aggressive and strong as men. Boccaccio showed the world that women are stronger than men.

I. Strong women vs. Weak women II. Aggressive women vs. submissive women III. Women vs. Men Women in the Decameron are real women, the ones that you see today. Boccaccio showed women as they truly are or as they could be. Women are and can be just as aggressive as men and they can be submissive when they need to be. Women are strong and really a lot stronger than men.

Men accidentally showed women that they needed to be strong in order to survive them. Giovanni Boccaccio was a man born at the wrong time and a man who really understood women.