Women heroes in the old testament

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Although the bible predominantly portrays men as heroes, women are also shown as heroic. It is said that some modern readers of the Old Testament argue that women are given a very minor role in Israel's salvation history and that the writers are sexist or biased against women. Writers did not give women a minor role; rather they played a minor role. The occasion where women contributed is recorded and credit given when done. Because Israel's salvation came largely through military and political measures, women did not have equal opportunity to help their cause. Deborah, Ruth, and Esther were given that opportunity and rose well to the occasion. They performed heroically with the defining characteristics of an Old Testament hero. They all showed courage, devotion to God, loyalty to Israel, and physical strength.

One of the most outstanding examples of a female hero in the Old Testament is Deborah, a woman who had it all.

Her story is told in the book of Judges. Deborah had earned her position as judge through her wisdom. The people of Israel came to her to settle their disputes. It troubled her that the Israelites had been oppressed for years by a Canaan King and his military leader Sisera. She believed that if God were honored he would aid her people in a revolt. By her devotion to her people and inspiration of faith, she ordered the military leader Barak to oppose Sisera's army. Barak felt he could not do this without her spiritual counsel and said he would only go into battle if she came, a compelling example of respect. She fearlessly accompanied him. A woman able to lead troops into battle must be strong physically. No one in Barak's army was as well armed as their enemy. Deborah's faith helped the Israelites...