Are Women in India SAFE?

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"All Indians are my brothers and sisters"

"Ladies First"

India's definition of the term "ladies first" is not for the development, constructive, progressive things my friends. With India, "ladies first" since decades has been about victimizing women in incalculable, brutal crimes.

And with that note, a good afternoon to respected jury members, members of the audience and my fellow orators I, Aishani Sheth would not want to answer this question by saying women in India are safe or otherwise. Rather, I would like to expose the true nature of the very question.

"Does the sun rise in the East?" Well, this is not a question that needs an answered, is it? It is rhetoric and the condition of women in India today is such that this question too becomes rhetoric.

I do not wish to talk about how walking alone at night or going to schools or waiting for transport in broad daylight also or staying in your own house or just enjoying with friends IS NOT SAFE today! All of us know it because every 20minutes a rape case is reported in India and statistics state more than 50% cases are not even reported.

But I am going to talk about who a woman is! She is a mother, a wife, a lover, a daughter, a friend, a professional, a sister. And I am not going to give names, all I am going to give you is 5 instances.

In Kerela a teenage daughter was sexually abused by reportedly being promised roles in TV serials.

In Kashmir, Human Rights organizations including Human Rights Watch have reported that the number of raped friends, sisters was as high as about 100 in just one night by army officials.

In Uttar Pradesh, a 28 year old...