Women in Islam

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Islam came at a time when women all over the world were being oppressed and exploited. The most any society would accord the woman was to admit that she was part of the human race. They never admitted her dignity or gave her rights and responsibilities equal to those of men. Traditionally, Judeo-Christian women were thought to be inferior to men and were given a low status in society. The Greeks considered her to be an object of pleasure and amusement. The Romans gave the father and husband the right to sell her to whomever they pleased. Women remained in this horrible state without protesting or rebelling against it. There were no social or economic developments that would require a betterment of her status. Then Islam came, proclaiming her rights and her equality with men. It established for her all of her rights to bring her out of the miserable state that she was in and elevate her to the noble status that she deserves.

In today's western world Muslim women are not represented to be as they are revealed in the Qur'an, but are exposed being treated opposite of the teachings.

"Human rights in Islam are not merely rights, but religious obligations. Islam has secured for the woman every human right. This includes her intellectual, religious, social, economic and political rights. Islam has guaranteed every man and woman the right to think and believe as they choose. No one else can impose upon her what she should believe. She must, of her own free will, decide what to believe." (www.islamtoday.net)

True Islam proclaims that women and man are equal. Since the beginning of Islam women and men had the same status. In Islam it is a religious obligation and is instilled in the lifestyle they live. In the...