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DramaMy first opinions and views on the topic gender issues on women is that is would be more based on the media and stereotypes affecting a woman's point of view and role and a woman's view of body image and having eating disorders. I thought that it would be interesting studying about gender issues on women as we could also learn a lot of other things at the same time such as media, culture and the society's effect.

For the brainstorm on women, most things written could be basically fit in groups which are; women's physical factors, slender body shape, and being emotional and used. By doing this brainstorm, I found out that all things written were describing a typical stereotyped woman, and I realized that the society and stereotypes around us have a big effect on how we see women. I think that this shouldn't be so since there re lots of different women in the world that does not fit these stereotypes that are also attractive physically and mentally.

Still image is people dramatizing a scene not moving, but they are allowed to say their thoughts out loud to the audience. My group members and I created three still images of women for social, culture and historical. The social image was of women happily shopping while men are behind them, grumpily helping them carry their shopping bags. This shows that women are always spending and wasting money. The cultural image was of women doing housework at home while the men work outside in the fields. This shows that women are not capable of doing hard jobs. The historical image was of women serving men with tea since the men had a hard day at work.

After I created the still images, I realized that it portraits women in...