Women En Large.

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The pictures of the book portrayed a variety of different looks. The pictures don't portray their occupations or their actual personality in some ways. The lady who embrace the guitar and the lady on the rocks position as hugging herself, covering majority of every thing, seemed to be insecure and shy of the photographer's gaze. The groups shots while in the shower and others that had more than one female in the shot seem the type to have that to be looked at status. The pictures that had the females with short butch haircuts came as a view of proud and strong women. Although all of the women in the pictures were unclothed I couldn't get the since of them being sex objects. That to me appeared to be the work of the training of the mind by various media projections that I watch. Maybe though, it is because I just don't find another female as a sex object, I don't know.

There were a few pictures that had the females stretch out on a bed smiling, was this to help out with the idea of them being a sex object? All of them though had the courage to have they photos viewed by the public.

Majority of the pictures are nudes according to Berger's article . The only ones that seem to be naked are the ones with the showers scenes. There are three photos that may be naked. One was of the profile of two black females sitting back to back on the beach. This could be a naked picture because they could be at one of those optional cloths beach. The second was with two females looking at each other on a couch, could they have been a lesbian couple gazing into their lovers eyes? The...