Women In Male Dominated Sports

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Women In Male Dominated Sport Football is considered to be a male dominated team sport. In 1996, Roosevelt high School in Yonkers, New York allowed two females to play on their football team.

These were the first two females to play on the football team, followed by one in 2001.

With these females participating in a male dominated sport it changed the idea of males and females sticking to gender specific sport. The school, the parents and the team members were very supportive of the females. This exemplifies a cross between the gender boundaries. However, when females or males try to cross gender boundaries it is rarely approved by society.

Why would any female want to participate on a male dominated team, much less in a male dominated sport? Well most females choose to participate to accept the challenge of the sport. A lot of females play the sport to challenge the stereotypical thought that males perform better in sports.

They want to prove that they are capable of doing what the male does. This is evident even in the media. For example in the commercial with Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan (¡°anything you can do, I can do better¡±) equality seems to be a major theme.

Even though females may be able to formulate their own sport team, it is not considered to be the same as playing on an all male team. It is not as challenging and females teams are judged differently from the male teams. From an essentialist point of view females are biologically less aggressive than males.