Women in Management

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Women in Management


Can women climb the ladder? Women have been at a constant battle to reach the top in management roles that men have conquered, not only in America but also throughout the world. Working in a world that is dominated by male decision makers often make women encounter several obstacles such as sex discrimination, the glass ceiling, lack of communication through the network, stereotypes and sexual harassment. Men in Chief Executive Officer roles, strongly believe a woman can not do as good of a job as a man would in management, but who is a male to say what kind of job a woman can or can not do.

Women in Management

Throughout the past thousands of years, males have been in top management roles, but women are making strong empowering comeback to pose a superior role. According to Jones (n.d.)," In 1996, 7.7 million women held executive administration and managerial occupations."

This is a huge increase since the statistics in 1988, with a 39% job profession in management roles. Women are becoming more qualified for management roles with more work experience as well as expanding their horizons with higher education. Although women are 43% of the executive administration, management occupation, they account for less then 3-5% of top executive roles (The Lewis Group, 2003). The growth of women in management postions are more likely to work in such industries as finance, labor relations, accounting, and buying. Not only are women working towards the top of the corporate ladder, they are also becoming self-employed business owners. Majority-owned, privately women owned firms account for 28% of all business in this country (National Women's Business Council 2003). It is believed that women in management would pay special attention to parental leaves, day cares and more flexibility towards schedules of...