Women In Middle-Eastern Countries

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Magazine Article Life away from home Imagine Living somewhere, and having no rights as a woman. Imagine being someone's property, treated like an object for your whole life. Imagine being bashed by your own husband, which is perfectly legal, for giving your own opinion. These are just a few of the differences between our lives and those of the women in many Middle-Eastern Countries.

The Islam religion, and the Koran, has many strict "rules", especially for women. The men are seen as superior, and are the "overseers" of the women. This means that in marriage, the wives are expected to obey their husbands every command. If the marriage is against the family's wishes, or the wife disobeys (usually cheating on him; sexual indiscretion), she may be murdered by her husband or a male relative. These are called honour killings, in which the killers are punished lightly, if at all.

The legal age to get married is 9 for girls and 14 for boys. In this case, most of us would already be married, and probably not out of our own will. Men are also allowed to have up to four wives, the women, only one.

It is far harder for a wife to divorce his husband, but easy for the husband to divorce her. Some times he can say "I divorce you" three times, and they are released form their vows immediately. Often women are stuck in bad marriages, as the fear of poverty and loss of children over rule their decision. Usually, the husband wins custody of the children and most possessions, even if they were hers to start with. In some cases, if a child's father died, custody would go to his closest living relative, not the mother.

The Koran allocates daughters with half the...