Women Movement

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During 1960´s, the lives of the Americans were in complete changes. After his achievement with the campaign for black civil rights, American people thought that they can improve his life if many people want. Women´s started to fight with the porpoise to win equal right with men. This change was resisted by some conservative Americans, who thought it was women´s role to make a home and bring up a happy family. Since the Second World War, women´s role have been changing.

In one hand, inspired in the possibility of improve his mode of life, women´s movements is one of many groups formed for obtained the equal rights. NOW (National Organization for Womens) used conventional methods, such as political pressure and court cases to obtain they want. Also, younger feminist with more radical objectives and different methods created Women´s liberation movement.

In one way or another, radical or conventional methods, feminist obtained changes in women's life.

The right to abortion was illegal in the USA but feminist said that woman had the right to choose what happened to her body and so should have the right to abortion if she wished to. From a case of one woman who had a really hard life, the courts allow abortion.

On the other hand, some women´s had the proposal to amend the US Constitution to outlaw sex discrimination and formed organizations like STOP ERA. These group expressed that feminist devalued the woman´s role by making it equal with a man´s, and denied the rights of the unborn child by the support of abortion.

Feminist movement obtained a lot of equal rights with men. Achieve more freedom of expression and important factors that improvement the quality of life for example the abortion. With these legalization, poor women´s that don't have...